Patient Reviews and Testimonials

I have been very pleased with the results of the SottoPelle testosterone replacement.

It has increased my energy levels significantly.

I need less sleep then before but it is a better quality sleep. I think the best result is the decrease in pain. The aches and pains of arthritis has diminished greatly.

The increased libido, and performance has been a bonus. I also like that it is quick and easy with no daily or weekly maintenance.
-Tim: Arthritis Pain Relief with Testosterone

“I’ve just recently completed my 3rd round of treatment for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Shortly after an insertion, I feel like I drank a large cup of coffee, a jittery feeling and a jolt of energy and then it levels out. The first 3-4 months there is a very noticeable change, increased energy level.

I work 14 hour days so the fact that I’m able to get through a work week without feeling lethargic has been a tremendous help. The little crazy things like forgetting your keys in the morning hasn’t really happened, so it has definitely helped with clarity. I have always had a very high sex drive so I don’t think that has changed much but I’ve noticed improvement in my stamina and performance. Healthiness wise, I feel as if in the last year and a half I haven’t gotten sick as much. Overall as a whole I feel very healthy!”
-Kevin: Increased Energy after Testosterone Therapy

Here they are all of the verbs that were my life: Hot flashing, brain foggy, irritable, insomniac, with no libido and no ability to concentrate, and zero focus. (My poor husband) Until I found Dr. Scinta’s office and her staff that saved me (and him) from a soggy, cranky forgetful, sexless future, that was surely mine. From the first blood draw, they measured everything, and quite frankly it was OBVIOUS why I was feeling like I was! They implanted the first pellet and about 2 nights later, I was sleeping really well, I can’t explain why, but I was. In about 3-4 weeks I was feeling so much better, no more hot flashes, no more night sweats! I was actually able to think and concentrate and focus. And believe it or not about 2 months in my libido came back! Let’s just say my husband is no longer (my poor husband)… I had a second pellet placed about 3.5 months after the first, and I am feeling amazing. I look great and I feel wonderful.

The only complaint I have with the therapy is that my insurance doesn’t cover it. But I feel so great that I do not care. I will continue to work and pay for it myself. It is worth it. I am 57, (58 in a couple of months.) I play tennis, I play golf, I work 65-80 hours a week and I look great. My son told me the other day, “you don’t look close to 60 Mom.”

If you are having all or some of the symptoms I described, quit suffering, we are so fortunate to live near Dr. Scinta’s office. Give them a call and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! I did and I will not look back.
-Brenda W: Life after 55 for this retired RN

I have had Sotto Pelle insertions for four years. I struggled with HRT for years after my complete hysterectomy. Finally, with the pellets, I feel I have my life back. It has helped me physically and mentally. The pellets have helped with my anxiety, memory, migraines, energy, and sex drive.

I love Dr. Scinta’s energy and compassion. The staff is super supportive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the bio identical pellets to any women entering the menopausal phase of life. You can feel young again!
-Kelly: I feel I have my life back

“Since starting bioidentical hormone therapy, it has been a life changing experience.”
-Lisa:  Life Changing

“Thank God for Dr. Scinta! One doesn’t need to blindly accept all the traditional signs of aging. Ever since I started with the pellets, I haven’t had any “open all the windows and doors and disrobe” hot flashes. I can sleep, remember my name and even enjoy my husband again! I have the energy to work out, my body is building muscle and my skin isn’t dry anymore. It’s surprising to actually see the test results that finally explain WHY I was so tired or my lack of libido. The pellet treatment may not be for everyone but it has been fabulous for me.”
-Carolyn: Pellets have been Fabulous for Me

I am pleased to share my experiences as a patient of Dr. Wendy Scinta. After suffering from memory loss, weight gain, insomnia, decreased libido and fatigue, I found Dr. Scinta.

At my first visit, I experienced a warm, insightful, highly intelligent physician who readily used her integrative medical training to treat me with bioidentical hormone therapy.

After my first treatment, I felt better about myself, my marriage and my participation in my job and daily activities than I had for many years. I am so pleased with the results of my therapy and highly recommend bioidentical hormone therapy.
-Mary: Highly Recommend

I was working with Dr. Scinta when she introduced the bio identical hormones into her practice. I had been using a previous method of estrogen replacement which helped alleviate some of the post-menopausal symptoms of dry skin and hot flushes but didn’t touch my inability to sleep at night. I joked that I hadn’t slept since 1992 but lack of sleep is no joking matter and contributes to weight gain, types 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Scinta told me I would sleep without drugs but I was doubtful. It had been so long. I’m happy to report that I did sleep immediately uninterrupted through the night, my skin felt soft and supple and I was not walking around tired all the time.

I’m now a firm believer in the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones and will recommend them to all my patients suffering from pre and post-menopausal symptoms.
-Cindy: Uninterrupted Sleep Through the Night

After spending a few years searching why I was exhausted and why I could no longer workout as hard as I used to I was in Dr. Scintas office and saw the ad for Sottopelle. After carefully researching and doing due diligence we did blood work and decided it was worth trying. Felt better almost immediately. I don’t wake up exhausted, I have less joint pain and I sleep better! I’m on my second round and couldn’t imagine being without it now.
-Giovanna: Felt Better Almost Immediately

I was becoming incredibly discouraged with traditional medicine and philosophies that didn’t seem to relieve my peri-menopausal symptoms. SottoPelle BHRT pellets have completely turned my life around! I no longer experience night sweats, crippling fatigue, and the intense itching sensation all over my skin. No more insomnia! My sleep schedule is back on track, and the daily brain-fog seems to have cleared. Most importantly, balancing my hormones has enabled me to avoid an invasive pelvic reconstruction surgery which had been recommended by specialists to alleviate the “old-lady” symptoms caused by estrogen deficiencies. Once again I have the energy to enjoy my former physical activities. This girl isn’t ready to slow down yet! I highly recommend this for all of my friends and family who may be dealing with similar issues! I’m so happy I did!
-Kerry: Brain-fog Has Cleared

I came to Dr. Scinta about the weight loss program and I have had great success. At one of my appointments she mentioned the hormone replacement therapy. I decided after my blood work and where my levels were at that I should give it a try. I was hoping it would improve some of my symptoms. I have had great results with the hormone therapy. I have had better focus and concentration. My energy levels increased. But the best part was my increased libido! I feel twenty years younger. I would and have recommended to friends. I’m going next week to get my next dose. Give it a try and I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed!
-Penny: Great Results with the Hormone Therapy

When I found out that Dr. Scinta was going to be offering bio identical hormones, I couldn’t wait to be in line. I had read about them over the years, thinking that they would never be available here. So, I signed up! I had the necessary blood work, when I got the results, I had the hormones of an 82 year old woman, I’m 47! I made the appointment for the insertion, which is a minor surgical procedure, but waiting for it was very difficult. A whole two weeks!

I woke up very excited that day. No more old biddy, lack of hormones for me! I put on a nice young outfit, did my hair and makeup, and went to my appointment. They first put you in a room, explain the procedure, and get you prepared. They clean your hip, numb the area, and then inject the pellet/s. They cover the area with some gauze and a band-aid, and that’s it! You have to be careful for a few days, low activity and don’t get the area wet. On my second insertion, I tried a funny experiment that actually worked. On Discovery Channel they said that coughing and pain travel along the same nerves, so when you get a shot, cough and you will not feel pain. The procedure didn’t really bother me, but I tried it. It completely worked! I couldn’t even tell if they had done it yet, which I though was pretty great. Just in case anyone else wants to try it.

My experience was very positive! Within a week, I noticed my skin was less dry, and I felt like I had more clarity of mind. I’ve always had a great relations with my husband, but holy cow, at the 3-4 week mark, you will want more relations! I’ve had problems with my thyroid, and I’ve found that it is more leveled out. I feel like I have more energy, and I sleep better. I’ve lost a few more pounds that I’ve been struggling with, and I’ve also been able to eat less sugar because I feel less fat. -which helps you lose more weight.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Scinta for 7 years, and I’m 7 pounds from goal weight. I’ve never gained the weight back. I started at 197, I now weigh around 147. I don’t know where I would be without all of the staff here, it’s all about the knowledge and support!
-Gina: Experience was Very Positive

I should have realized that my insomnia was hormone related when I would be chatting with all of my high school friends on Facebook at 3:00 am because none of us were sleeping. I was also continually getting to the middle of a sentence and literally “losing” a word.

“You know, that thing on your wrist that tells time”?  But couldn’t remember the word for watch. I happened to pick up a brochure for the hormone replacement pellets and asked Dr. Scinta if she thought they might help when I saw so many of the things I was experiencing listed on the symptoms in the brochure. I was actually relieved that I wasn’t going crazy when blood work confirmed  that hormone levels were likely the cause for what my kids referred to  as “old lady brain” (I guess they weren’t far off!)

I couldn’t believe the results after only a few days!  I was actually going to bed and falling asleep before midnight!  And sleeping until my alarm went off. One weekend I didn’t wake up until after 10 am. I must have been so sleep deprived for so long I had some catching up to do! And I would get to a point in a sentence when I was sure I was going to get lost, and I could actually finish my thought!

Unbelievable!  I really knew they had been working when it came time to re-new.  I told Dr. Scinta that I never realized how bad I was feeling before until I was feeling better, and then they wore off and  I was without them again. We won’t let that happen again.
-Sandra: I Couldn’t Believe the Results After Only a Few Days

“It is wonderful to be rid of hot flashes. No more repeatedly throwing blankets on, off, on, and off. No more dry painful intercourse and the libido is returning!”
-Susan: Wonderful to be Rid of Hot Flashes